Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A man in Pakistan flashed his penis to college girls. Look at the sick amount of men who support and laugh at this

What a sad sick day to be a man from Pakistan.
Just a little background, Pakistan recently had a women's march (something the men clearly didn't take positively). A slogan from it was "meri jism meri marzi" (my body my choice). Pakistan is a country that sexualizes every inch of a woman, celebrates the beating of women, and blames women for pretty much everything. It is very difficult to do anything for women in Pakistan (unless you are a burka covered housewife).
Now, disgustingly, the men of Pakistan have been using the slogan to justify stupid things. Social media is FULL of these sick men who hare supporting the man, saying things like it is his right to show his body if women are "seducing" men (which they aren't by the way, it just proves my point about sexualizing everything women do).

This really is a failed nation.

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