Friday, July 1, 2016

Why Pakistan is a failed nation

Firstly, see the post below this one. That many supporters of honor violence is already an indication of how backwards Pakistan is.

A few months ago, Mumtaz Qadri's funeral had over a million people attend. Qadri, a killer, a murderer in the name of Islam, also has facebook pages with thousands of supporters. His supporters also raided the facebook pages of Express Tribune and Dawn, and sent continuous death threats (along with the usual how Allah will punish us). He killed in the Prophet's name, and he got a huge amount of support.

Then there's Ansar Abbasi, a conservative journalist. As usual, like most backwards retards, he has a habit of going after women. Also like most backwards idiots, he knows if he appeals to Islam, he'll get followers. His facebook and twitter accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, mostly men who love taking selfies in tight shirts.

And then we have Orya Maqbool Jan. Probably Pakistan's leading misogynist. Have a look at the following:

The comments in the first link show how his supporters raid the comment section. And what annoys me the most is how these backwards Pakistanis tell us to learn Islam. That's all they say. They can't even quote verses or hadiths that support Orya, they just say "learn Islam you sickular libtards lol".

If you can stomach it, have a look at his facebook pages and those affiliated with it. If you put em together that's close to 1 MILLION followers. As usual, its dominated by men who wear tight clothes and take selfies, and claim how they will forever fight to keep Pakistan from becoming "secular" or "liberal". On one of the pages, it showed how "I am Orya" was Pakistans top trend on TWITTER.

Just like Ansar, he uses Islam to get followers. What this proves is backwards Pakistanis will worship anyone who says they are doing something in the name of Islam. These same backwards Pakistanis make fun of hindus who worship anyone who claims to be god, yet they themselves worship anyone who claims to be doing something in the name of islam.

The fact that there are over a million educated people who can support such monsters just proves Pakistan IS A FAILED SOCIETY. I really feel for the women and the civilized Pakistanis who have to endure this. Its a shame.

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