Friday, May 20, 2016

The sad amount of Pakistanis who openly support honor killings

I have said before in the My Muslim Thoughts blog how controlling women is seen as necessary otherwise they turn into "sluts". I have said before how Pakistani men compare women riding bikes to supporting Israel. I have said before how many Pakistanis don't have trust in women; they believe women by nature are cheaters on their spouse. This just shows the backwards nature of Pakistan.

But now we see the savage, animal-like mentality of so many ridiculous Pakistanis. Have a look at the comments of this Pakistani news article where a woman was honor killed by her father. You've got the usual ones who say such news outlets only focus on the "negative side" of Pakistan (i.e they are in denial, or want these problems to continue but don't want the media to cover it). Then you've got the ones who say the father shouldn't have killed his daughter, but the daughter shouldn't have messed with her father's honor. And then we have the ones who support the father. These same people call others "liberal", "westernized", or "feminists/femenazis" for not agreeing with their backwards and satanic mentality.

These comments give a glimpse of how Pakistani society is. The fact that they're literate is even more sad.

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